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(Visual identity, experience design, animation)

Small museum at Aarhus University with over 4000 antique items from the area around ancient Rome and Greece. The assignment was to create a mobile exhibition stand which will increase the awareness of the museum among Aarhus’ residents.

The entire experience is centered around curiousity and tactility. The sculptures at the exhibition is made of flamingo foam, plastic and collapsible foam. In the center of the exhibition the visitor can get a 3D scan when standing like a sculpture and it will be 3D printed as a keyhanger.

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(Packaging, AR, poster design)

Visual commercial for the launch of a new coffeeblend by Street Coffee. The purpose of the commercial is to strengthen their position on the marked with visual coherent matter. The campaign ended with a urban poster collection and post for social media.

Street Coffee’s mission is to create a home outside the home where you can meet, have fun, take serious and find new friendships. The relaxed and raw attitude inspired me for the urban look in the posters in tone-in-tone colors.

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(Packaging, visual identity, set design)

A new identity for the oldest danish nature medicine manufacturer, Naturdrogeriet. The project included a new visual identity, packaging and set design for the photography of the line. Sustainability had a huge impact on the final outcome, as all the materials can be taken apart and recycled individually.

We focused on streamlining the many difference kinds of packaging, so the company had a clear identity on the shelf next to other products. Made in collaboration with Helene Gerber.



(Packaging, visual identity)

Identity and packaging project with a special focus on technical solutions within 3D print, lasercutter, machine embroidery and textile print. The project included the visual identity for the fictional brand Workshop and it’s packaging for fashion items as sunglasses, belts and garments.



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