Visual identity

Do you have a small company and are in need of a logo and visual identity? Or are you guys looking to renew your existing identity with fresh graphics?

In a basic visual identity, I’ll design a logo in responsive sizes, make a suggested color palette and matching fonts. The files will be delivered in various file formats and ready to upload on the website, social media, and print. For your convenience, I usually make a design guide with guidelines for the use of the logo, colors, font sizes, and much more so the company has a clear communication on all platforms.

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3D Drawing

I have a passion for creating 3D design, which can be used in digital campaigns as animations or as production plans for an exhibition design. I do most of my animations in 3D with simulations of fabric, wind, or water. This can be used for commercials of a product, explainer videos, or architecture and experience design displayed in VR. I’ve recently created a proposal for the danish antique museum (Antikmuseet) which included an exhibition stand and experience design.


My passion for visual communication comes from my interest in tactile products and material research. I do a lot of mock-ups and technical drawings for smart ways to design packaging in different sustainable materials. I have experience from A-TEX, one of the largest design and production companies for packaging and store decorations for the lifestyle industry in Denmark. My primary tasks were creating new packaging methods that focused on reducing waste materials and making mock-ups.

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My design process always circles sustainability and how the project in question can be created with the least negative impact on the environment. I’ve taken multiple courses in sustainable design and materials properties for example in advanced recycled plastics for packaging purposes.


Lately, I’ve been working on a folder of sustainable materials for packaging and store decor use. This includes mycelium, ocean plastics, PLA, and recycled plastics. The purpose of the folder is to give a quick overview of each material’s properties and display where the company or product could become more sustainable. F.x. is there a focus on saving water, energy, or reducing waste? Or should the product be 100% biodegradable?

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I primarily design websites in WordPress and creates detailed guidebooks so the client can maintain the site if wanted. I mainly focus on aesthetics and usability through a clean and minimalistic design. I’m in the process of getting familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so I can communicate with professional coders on larger projects. You can see it for yourself at my ongoing projects for:,, and

Located in Aarhus, Denmark
CVR 40 86 60 94


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