I’ve improved my skills in webdesign and execution within the last couple of years. The excitement of a custom CSS code doing exactly what you had in mind is fulfilling!

I focus mainly on the aestetics and userability of the website. You can see it for yourself at my ongoing projects for:, and

– WordPress
– Coding in CSS
– Responsive design

Visual identity

Visual identities are what I done most of. They form the groundwork of everything after

In a basic visual identity I’ll form a logo in responsive sizes, make a sugested color barcode and matching fonts. The files will be delivered in various fileformatsand ready to upload on website, so me and print. For your convenience, I’ll make a designguide with guidelines for the use of logo, colours, font sizes and much more.

– Logo and icons
– Colourcard
– Responsive design


I do most of my animations in 3D with simulations of fabric, wind or water. This can be used for commercials of a product, explainer videos or arcitecture and experience design displayed in VR.

However I’m confident in After Effects on making 2D animations, explainer video or animated illustrations.

– Blender 3D
– Adobe After Effects
– Both 2D and 3D animations


My love of graphic design comes from my interest in tactile products. Therefor packaging is a huge passion within visual communication. I have experience from one of the largeste design/production companies for the lifestyle business in Denmark. You can read the translated reference from the design chief here.

– Experience
– Technical knowledge
– Protypes


As I have mentioned, I have a great love for printed matter. Therefor books and magazine are a huge interest as well. I’m a amateaur bookbinder myself and understands the printing process well. I would love to get more experience within editorial design.

– Paper and printing methods
– Loving whitespace
– Bookbinder amatueur

Set design

Set design is a field I would like to get more experience in. I’ve done several amatueur sets and I’m ready for the challenge!

– Photography experience
– Digital models
– Experience design

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